​​​​If  you are living a natural life and  have natural farm or house or place where want to invite beautiful souls  to experience natural living  and learning your experience. then be a stay natural centre host and live any of our  centre like your home.

​Our centres are acting as miniatures of the place we want to make this planet like. A place where all the components of nature be it persons, animals or plants, all are in harmony with each other. Where everybody is unique yet all are held by the same thread. The spirit of working for the nature.

Our centres provide a very harmonious and peaceful environment where people are actually learning, growing, expressing themselves and most importantly realising the importance of a natural living.

​​​If your soul craves to experience living in the lap of mother nature and learning from her, then visiting our centres is a must...

We provide a very natural and healthy environment at our centres, being filled with lushing greenary and various activities like yoga sessions, meditations, yagnyas and traditional events are conducted here creating a very pious atmosphere not only in our centres but also in the surrounding areas.

 At our centres  each person is free to do what they want, to nourish all their inner talents and showcase them without having the fear to be judged.
They also serve as a place where people are actually made to realise how they have been destroying themselves all the while by moving towards the advancing technology and moving away from practices like meditation and pranayamas. 

​​Our centre hosts are well experienced in natural living and managing the centre in a natural and friendly way.

Our centres are committed to respect and protect the local culture, natural resources and ancient monuments in an around area.

Stay Natural