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Cosmic Healing

Astrologer Vilmeshwari

Akashic Journey and Records: since the time our soul started it's journey each and every moment is being recorded in the Cosmos, thereby maintaining every bit of records of each soul. Access to these records is possible via Akashic journey records readings.  It helps us to know about our soul journey so that we can correct our steps in the present Life and walk gracefully and move forward in the right direction in our spiritual path.​

 Vedic Astrologyis an ancient Indian way of dealing with planets in our solar system and their effects on life on earth. We teach and counsel the real concept of astrology so that people are positively benefitted and guidance is given to help them walk their life purpose more gracefully.


 Angel Therapy and Angels Card readings.                                           

 Angels are the beings of higher realms and are associated with each one of us since the time of our birth. They help us to move forward in our life comfortably but only if we want them to help us... Via angel therapy and angel card readings we can get assistance and guidance in our life..But it depends on free will of an individual if he/she is ready for that . Life is a beautiful gift from God and he wants to help us always via various means...which one we choose to make our life better is all our wish.

Human body, in itself, is a miniature of the complete Cosmos, hence life on Earth is directly connected with the cosmic forces."  I feel fortunate to work with cosmic energies and help you all via this connection to walk your life purpose.

     - Vimleshwari

       (cosmic healer)