Stay Natural

Vimleshwari (Vimal) Believes that this universe and universal energies are not to be ignored by humans as we are an integral part of it...Our body is no less than a miniature of this cosmos...

What we think ,what we eat ,How we breathe each and every act of our is  deciding our behavior  towards this universe...Our Soul is using this body for it's journey so we need to be aware of our soul journey as well else our birth may hold no value in the soul journey...The more we are aware of our duties towards this mother planet Earth and this universe the more easier it will be to move forward in our soul path..For her Stay Natural is the path to help the human kind and all flora and fauna in the best way...

About Surya Singh, the founder

A multitalented human being with a special focus on body, mind and soul.

  • Yoga Expert.
  • Vedic Astrologer.
  • Face Reader.
  • Cosmic Healer.
  • Naturopathy Healer.
  • Works on Environment.
  • Social worker.

More than being a mere biography of Surya, this is a story of a unique journey of  self discovery.

A boy born in a small town of India was named Surya. He was  intended to live a simple life of a son, studying, getting a decent job, making a family and so on - the usual common life.

Life was going as expected by the family, a bright engineering student was on his way to finishing his degree until one day something triggered his soul and he went on a completely raw vegan diet for 3 months. This was his turning point.

Surya had been doing yoga since childhood, but this time there was something different for him. Something was pulling him, the planet, the universe was calling him and he decided all of sudden to quit his degree and step on the path of connection with the universe.

However things were not easy. He soon found out that his family and the society he was surrounded by weren't supporting him on this path. Their materialistic worldview couldn't comprehend his new way of life.

There were times when he was left with no support from his family and friends, no money, nothing. He went for days without food, surviving only on water. Despite all the struggle he did not quit, but became even more determined.

Surya kept on listening the call of his soul, while standing against the will of the family. He knew that the road would be tough, but he was ready.

He moved to the Himalayas to gain more inner wisdom and soon started to travel the world. He visited many countries  and got connected to various cultures.

After all the journeys his soul urged once again - this time he heard the call to work for the universe and the betterment of the planet as he had seen the damage on his travels. Following the call he started his organsation under the name of STAY NATURAL FOUNDATION.

For Surya STAY NATURAL means to be connected to nature - physically as well as mentally.

We are digging a pit for ourselves with our arrogant behaviour by harming nature, disbalancing the natural pathways, polluting air, water and soil with artificial chemicals.

It is time to understand the value of nature before its too late. 

"The man did not weave the web of life - he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself"

Surya has completely dedicated his life to work for the universe. Many things have been achieved, but there is still a lot of work on our way. Everyone and anyone who feels responsible, and has the urge to help the planet earth and save our flora and fauna, is warmly welcome to join in this beautiful path of reviving our natural world.

​We are the foundation working towards a natural and healthy way of living and the empowerment of the people. Our mission is to help people to achieve a balanced life, physical and mental health. Only healthy individuals contribute to a healthy planet.

About Vimleshwari (Vimal),

the co-founder