Feel free to come and spend some days, weeks or months with us. You can either just want to live there or participate to a specific workshop (link to workshop).

Accommodation, food and activities are based on donations.


Closest airport Goa or Bangalore

From Goa you can take a night or day bus (6-8 hours). 

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HAMPI-Karnataka India


It takes hands to build a house..but only hearts can make a home.

If you feel our family values, that is the base of your motivation to volunteer with us.

You have an urgent need to discover your inner Self: that is the time and space to learn how to do it.

Serving other people is one of the most effective way to connect with the Divine inside you...and of course being part of the daily life of the ashram will bring you the strength, wisdom, love and compassion  you need to growth in your spiritual path.

Check it out which talents and skills we are looking for this center. (add link to volunteer profile)

Stay Natural

Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site, is an ancient village in South Indian state of Karnataka. It' s dotted with numerous ruined temple complexes from the Vijayanagara Empire.

Hampi was a prosperous, wealthy and grand city near the Tungabhadra river: by  1500 CE was the world's second largest medieval city and probably India's richest at that time.

The Empire was destroyed by a coalition of Muslim sultanates in 1565, after which Hampi remained in ruins.

Stay Natural center is located alongside the river, surrender by Nature and sacred ancient temples: the energy of the place brings a special shining atmosphere where you can find peace and harmony within yourself. That is also the reason why is one of the principle destination for Hindu pilgrims and tourists.

Banana and coconut trees all around remind to human beings how Nature is generous: specifically coconut water.

Tender coconut water, in fact, is considered a refreshing and rehydrating drink as it contain sugar, vitamins, minerals, growth promoting factors, proteins and amino acids: it's free from fat and low in calories.

The mineral component and their salt help in maintaining the acid-base balance of the body system: when physical body is balanced, mind is calm and balanced too.

To be able to get in touch with our inner Self we need to purify first our body to allow the mind to function properly.

An appropriate alimentation, together with yoga practise, pranayama, meditation and specific workshop ( as local handcraft, astrology, angel cards etc)  are the factors to reach peace and free your Soul to express its nature, its talents, to regenerate your energy.

Bring your energy, observe it in an extraordinary natural place, accept it, and share it: that is our primary responsibility as human being.

We are also working to revive natural way of farming there and promoting natural way of living with the help of local volunteers

Stay Natural is bringing back the natural ways of living which is actually good for the universe yagya naturopathy meditation handicrafts natural way of farming(chemical free).