It takes hands to build a house..but only hearts can make a home.

If you feel our family values, that is the base of your motivation to volunteer with us.

You have an urgent need to discover your inner Self: that is the time and space to learn how to do it.

Serving other people is one of the most effective way to connect with the Divine inside you...and of course being part of the daily life of the ashram will bring you the strength, wisdom, love and compassion  you need to growth in your spiritual path.

Check it out which talents and skills we are looking for this center. (add link to volunteer profile)




There are 3 ways to get there


Delhi has direct connectivity to Simbhaoli.

stay natural center is almost 7km from simbhaoli which can be approach via local vehical also stay natural can provide pick up from Simbhaoli if pickup is prior booked .


(Uttar Pradesh, India)

Stay Natural ,Ladpur is one of the major centres in India.

The region is important as it has way back ancient of the main lands near HOLY RIVER GANGA,One of the most fertile land in the region.

Stay Natural is working since 2015 in this area to revive back its glorious ancient culture which was based on scientific and eco society system and pious vedic culture.

Stay natural is reluctant to give this region its best so that it is good for the whole human society as well as flora and fauna.So main aim is to work on creating better condition for air ,water and land and natural way of living.

Efforts are being made to convert prevailing living conditions into ECO SOCIETY where humans will be self sufficient to lead there life in a more pure environment and get more and more closer to Nature.

We believe that usage of chemical fertilisers are actually giving harm to human body as well as environment, therefore stay natural is encouraging farmers to go for natural way of farming.Stay Natural itself is also converting large amount of agriculture to natural way.

there by working on to reduce land pollution.

We are also working on environmental cleansing via ANCIENT VEDIC TECHNIQUES of yagnyas and promoting plantation especially TULSI PLANT in every house as it works as antibacterial for environment and also promoting plantation of more and more PEEPALTREES as it has the tendency to provide oxygen to the environment 24*7.and this being achieved via various competitions being organised by Stay Natural so that more and more people participate in  the plantation and they become aware of the importance of planting trees.

Reducing water body pollution is also one of the main agenda as River GANGA in this region is very precious owing to its purest form of water...with time lots of pollution is being put upon So Stay Natural is working on encouraging people to know the importance of the River and helping via various kinds of efforts to reduce the pollution and also using its means to plant trees at its basin.

Youth are the pillars of any society..Stay Natural ladpur centre is giving its highest priority to bring up hidden talents in youth via various TALENT HUNT COMPETITIONS being organised.

Sports activities are take care of.

Yoga and naturopathy center is being set up there .people are being motivated to adapt natural way of living .

Females are the core of any society as they bring life in the universe so stay natural believes they have to be given respect and importance in the society so various efforts are being made by stay natural for women empowerment .We are working for the upliftment of women in the society so that they can  financially also be independent and they are able to use their talents(hand made natural products) to improve their life .

Stay Natural


Feel free to come and spend some days, weeks or months with us. You can either just want to live there or participate to a specific workshop (link to workshop).

Accommodation, food and activities are based on free will donations .