​​The purpose of meditation is

to observe

You need to observe to get out of being stuck.

Learn with us to observe yourself, your emotions, your mind and your life.

When you have the opportunity to observe you can decide what to change in your life.

For the first time you can be aware that you are MORE than your mind.

Then you have the opportunity to master YOUR mind: and Not for your mind to master YOU, as almost always happens.

Meditation is a worthful healing technique, you can leave stress, gain calmness and get the skill to let go of attachment.
Our immune system gets stronger, our life quality improves and you will experience many other benefits.
With this we have the opportunity to live a happy joyful life.

Breathing is a powerful meditation technique and therefore we offer pranayama as a preparation for it.

Meditation techniques

Rebirthing meditation coming soon.

Vipassana meditation coming soon.

The origin of meditation

Meditation started more then 5.000 years back. The reason why we meditate is to deal with our confusion about reproduction or sexual instinct. In the animal kingdom there is a huge confusion about reproduction that is how meditation evolved to bring us humans clarity about your sexual instinct.

Tremendous benefits for YOURSELF and your RELATIONSHIPS.

In stay natural we offer the most effective techniques to bring you to be a OBSERVATION MASTER.

Stay Natural