First of all you have to reach Pokhara: either by plain or bus (from Kathmandu there are several daily and night bus)

From Pokhara you can take a local bus departure from turistic bus station to Ghatchhina. 

You then have the choice to trek for one and an half hour, that I recommend you, if you have good health, as it's a wonderful way up :-), or you can hire a jeep that will bring you 10 minutes walking from the ashram.

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It takes hands to build a house..but only hearts can make a home.

If you feel our family values, that is the base of your motivation to volunteer with us.

You have an urgent need to discover your inner Self: that is the time and space to learn how to do it.

Serving other people is one of the most effective way to connect with the Divine inside you...and of course being part of the daily life of the ashram will bring you the strength, wisdom, love and compassion  you need to growth in your spiritual path.

Check it out which talents and skills we are looking for this center. (add link to volunteer profile)

Stay Natural

NEPAL- Makanpur village


Feel free to come and spend some days, weeks or months with us. You can either just want to live there or participate to a specific workshop (link to workshop).

Accommodation, food and activities are based on donations ( be aware a contribute of 1200 nepalese rupee for day will cover the costs)

Makanpur is a mountain village in the district of Chapakot, 25 km from Pokhara, with a breathtaking view of the Annapurna (Himalaya).

To get up to the paradise you have to put some effort, as the village is located in a unique natural site reachable by one and an half hour trekking or hiring  a private jeep from the closest village of Ghatichhina.

It's worth the effort: as soon as you will reach the place you'll thanks yourself as the elements of Nature will be at your service.

Fresh air, mountain water and organic food will regenerate you in less than 24 hours.

Stay Natural chose this corner of paradise to set up one of its Ashram  in order to develop sustainable ways of living in balance with surrounding nature and the local culture.

During your stay you will be able to experience the sounds , taste, smell and view of our mother Nature.

Wake up at sunrise, look at the sacred mountain of Himalaya, sit quietly with birds chirruping, wind breezing, sun rays rising: this will be your space and time to meditate, to connect with yourself and the Divine residing in you.

Chanting will be part of the morning practice, to heal, rejuvenate, purify and transform every aspect of life : mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. 

During your permanence you'll rediscover the importance of food, fuel and energy for your body: organic and simple food are your best friend as bring you balance and peace. Dal bhat , vegetables, honey, sugarcane, tea, ghee, don't need much more to nourish yourself.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will take a different prospective and meaning: you will learn the effect of food on your body, both in terms of quality and quantity.What do I really need to take from this planet to be responsibly part of it.

What is my responsibility to give back to Nature? Mutual respect.

That is what all is about: between every creatures of this planet.

Daily activities space from learning how to grow organic vegetables garden, handcraft workshop with local people (bamboo products), yoga asanas, pranayama , meditation courses, and also trekking ,Punchase base is 3 hours walking from the village, or even higher peak of Himalaya.

Actually this is the greatest chance that you will get TO BE YOURSELF: as you feel painting, playing music, sculpturing, listening , sharing  stories and experiences.

Bring your energy, observe it in an extraordinary natural place, accept it, and share it: that is our primary responsibility as human being.