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Every human has a specific natural tendency to master some skills and areas of life over others. We arrange skill discovery and training workshops related to sports, music, science, literature and management so that people could find their inner strength and get the most out of their existence.

We keep organising Health camps to promote Natural Way OF keeping healthy

Here is a collection of events and interesting programs from the past five years.

Republic Day

India​, January 2017

26th of January , the independence day of India is the time for us to respect our soldiers and farmers in a form of an annual event.

Ganga Mela

Garhmukteshwar, India,  2016 & 2017

Navaratri is a nine nights (and ten days) Hindu festival, celebrated in the autumn every year. It is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. The festival is celebrated in the bright half of the Hindu calendar month Ashvin, which falls close to the autumn equinox. At this time the earth is facing in a 90 degree angle towards sun and night and day are equally long every part of the globe.

It is known that our mind is well influenced by the surrounding environment. We believe that when the energy in the atmosphere is imbalanced so is the mind. It is very difficult to meditate and focus with our mind wandering. However when the energy around is balanced connecting with the soul and universe becomes very easy as our mind is calm and peaceful just as the environment. This is the very reason that Surya Mahayagya is celebrated during the Navatris.

Stay Natural organises Surya Mahayagya in different centres by conducting various spiritual activities such yoga, meditation, dance and music sessions.

Natural Healing Camps

India and Europe

Reviving lost ancient Vedic Traditions 

We keep organizing Walk to Change event to convey messages about the environment and eco-friendly lifestyle. Boards, flags and music are being used to bring the event to life.

Stay Natural

Surya Mahayagya

India and Europe